Min2 is an innovative Dutch office which combines architecture and art, in co-design. The partners are Maarten and Jetty Min, architect and artist/designer. The office is founded in 1984 and located in Bergen in the north west of The Netherlands near the sea.

Contemporary working approach

Within Min2 is a vivid international intellectual and creative exchange. Min2 is working together with a varied group of international young designers and trainees creating spaces for a contemporary lifestyle.
Min2 uses the local support, such as technical assistance and local materials like the Dutch brick. Min2 has many great national and international relationships to support the making of the specials and innovations. New developments and products are worked out in the atelier in Bergen aan Zee: ATLJ Min2.


The passion of Min2 results in building atmosphere with expressive designs.
Min2 is dedicated to the search for basic, natural, sustainable, bio-based and bio-designed materials and sustainable solutions for energy generation. The designs are suited in their habitat with a great precision and performed in a high quality craftsmanship.
From the start on the now experienced office has built many projects in The Netherlands, in the areas from urban planning up to product design, with residential building, urban design, contemporary working places, public housing and architectural design products.


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